My Mission: To Impact People Across the Globe

I grew up in a very poor environment in a rural area in Germany. My earliest childhood memories are my parents arguing about money. So at around 3-4 years of age, I decided I never want to argue about money. I had a look around me at people who seemed to have money and I found 2 groups of people:1. business owners (in my case butchers, bakeries, printers and the local sawmill), and 2. investors. Having money working for you always sounded like an intriguing concept to me.

However, my mantra always was if you have to choose - take both! So I started at an early age to invest in stocks and later properties as well as building successful businesses. On my journey, I ended up completely broke 2 times. First when I couldn't finish my studies because I ran out of money until I had no electricity any more and was behind on my rent. And later again after I lost around 4.5 million when I had to file for insolvency with my first big company.

But thanks to the trading strategies I developed, I was able to fully retire only 1 year after I recovered from my second bankrupcty. Since 2015 I have been traveling the world and I then set myself a new challenge: Financially liberating 1 million people in the world so they can live their life with passion rather than exchanging their limited time on earth to earn money.

What a world could we have if everyone could do what he or she is passionate about!

So, I created my course that enables people without prior knowledge to sustainably earn money in the stock market with as little as 15 minutes of effort a day, so it can be done next to a full day job. It is so easy that 13-year-olds can do it, you can start with as little as 1,000 USD or Euro. Hundreds of people have already quit their jobs not even a year after using my courses, and I'd love for you to be next.


It's Your Turn to Succeed

Stop giving your time to someone else - earn your own financial freedom and make your own rules. 

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The Top 5 Errors People make in Investing


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