Three Month Mentoring Programm
with Juergen Pallien

Learn to invest in the stockmarket whenever it's convenient for you.

Get superior results: 50%+ p.a. This course covers:

  • 10 day Pre- Program Preparation course Online
  • 7 day live training & trading in Cyprus
  • 3 months of follow up mentoring (1x per week online)
  • Luxury Vacation program, Lunches & Dinners
  • High Level International Networking

Spaces limited to ONLY 8 successful applicants!


Mastermind Program

We provide you with a unique opportunity to learn trading with Juergen Pallien and trade with him together in his home in Cyprus. Juergen has 23 years of experience in trading and retired at the age of 35. His new goal is to financially liberate 1 million people in the world and enable them to live their passion rather than tading their time for money.

Before the program begins you get access to an online video course where Juergen teaches you the basic understanding of markets and asset selection as well as the basics of risk management. When in Cyprus you will open a trading account and get guided to the steps it takes to become a successful trader.

You will learn exclusive strategies that Juergen never taught before and after the program he will review your trades with you for 3 months to ensure you get your questions answered and get a headstart in your trading career.

You also have the ability for luxury networking with the other participants from all over the world. Being outside of your usual environment accelerates your learning experience and you acquire a lifetime skill to be used over and over again to contribute to your passion, lifestyle and family.

Mentoring Cyprus

Face to Face training in Cyprus 

You will spend a whole week in Cyprus, trading together with Juergen and the other participants. You will learn the in depth strategies that earned Millions and how to safely apply them on your own. In addition you will learn how to develop and maintain your own trading ideas and how to create an outperformance that beats the market. Last but not least you will already start to trade and earn money while you are participating in the program. The setup will include 8 hour group classrooms as well as breakout sessions where you work with Juergen or other participants giving you the tools you will use later on for your own stockmarket success. The environment is designed to provide you with:

This course covers:

  • A head start so you can immediately begin being successfull once the program is finished
  • a 3 month guidance period to guarantee a head start into your financial freedom
  • becoming part of a supportive community to employ a lifetime skill of abundance
  • Luxury immersive lifestyle experience of how your life can look like when you finished the program

Personalization to your individual trading success

We want you to have a personalized program, exclusively designed for your trading success. As a part of this program we offer you a free personality test, where we can give you individual tips on your trading mindset and psychology and the do's and don'ts for your specific personality type. In combination with the strategies you learn, you will be equipped to make money under all market conditions, no matter if the market goes up, down or sideways.

Note: The personality test is an add-on which you can do but are not required to do.

Includes the following

  • 10 day Video class for preparation and future reference
  • Personality test and individual trading advice based on your results
  • Opening a trading account and implementing your first trades
  • unique and proven strategies for superior trading success
  • 7 day live class in Cyprus
  • 3 month online mentoring and guidance
  • exclusive access to the mentoring online community
  • Lunch and Dinner and all group activities


Your total education time


  • 20 hours of online preparation
  • 36 hours of personal tuition
  • 20+ hours of team session
  • 12+ hours of one on one online mentoring
  • plus trading time and vacation program

Total education time: approximately 90 hours.



As a part of the mentoring program you will get 12 month access to the exclusive weekly Online Webinar with Juergen Pallien, where you get a periodic market outlook and trading strategies as well as all your questions answered.



Online video class                                497 €
Personality test                                     197 €
Mastermind                                        7,500 €
7 day live class in Cyprus              17,500 €
3 month online mentoring           17,500 €
12 month Webinar Access              1,164 €
Lifetime Skill and Community: priceless!

Your total value 44,358 €

Please be aware that the program is application only ! If you get chosen after the application process, the price for you will be 20,000 € only as a support of Juergen‘s mission to financially liberate 1 million people and bring more passion into this world.



Application process

Step 1: Fill out the application under:

Step 2: Telephone interview with Juergen or one of his trainers

Step 3: Prepare that life will never be the same again financially

All Applicants must be 18 years or older by the time they apply.


The Vacation program

Yachting in the sunset - with a glass of Champagne


Explore some of the worlds most amazing beaches in Cyprus

Mentoring Cyprus

Taste some very impressive greek wines during our group wine tasting 


And if the market gets hot, you can always cool down at the pool


International flight connections

London - Larnaca: direct flights from LTN, LGW and LHR. Travel time: around 5 hours

Amsterdam - Larnaca: via Vienna, Munich or Athens Travel time: 6 to 6.5 hours

Paris - Larnaca: via Vienna, Athens or Zurich Travel time: 6 to 7 hours

Zurich - Larnaca: direct flights from ZRH Travel time: 3.5 hours

Frankfurt - Larnaca: via Vienna, Munich or Athens Travel time: 6 to 7.5 hours

Dubai - Larnaca: direct flights from DXB Travel time: 4.25 hours

Moscow - Larnaca: direct flights from SVO, DME and VKO Travel time: 4 hours

Singapore - Larnaca: via Dubai or Doha Travel time: 14 to 14.5 hours

New York - Larnaca: via Doha, Munich or London Travel time: 13 to 14 hours

Los Angeles - Larnaca: via London or Amsterdam Travel time: around 17 hours

Sydney - Larnaca: via Dubai Travel time: 21 hours

Barcelona - Larnaca: via Athens Travel time: 6 hours

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