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Trading for Charity

One of the things that struck me most already some years ago is, that one of the best and most fulfilling things you can do is helping other people. And that became one of my biggest drivers to accumulate wealth. No matter if it is in private or if something happens in the world, I want to be able to help without having to think about if or how that would affect me or my lifestyle. I want to feel truly abundant, not only for myself but for so much more.


Since I began to talk more publicly about trading and my success, I created a new initiative that I called trading for Charity. The basis of it is that I pick a day in the month where I would trade and everything that I make that day goes directly to a charity organization. I also ask my followers about suggestions where to donate money to next. If you have an idea, feel free to share it with me so we can help a good cause together.


New Trading Account

One of the beauties about trading is that compounding makes our accounts grow quite rapidly. I started a new account with 20,000€ together with my mentoring students in October and by now it's already generating enough money that we could easily live from it. Well it always depends on your lifestyle of course, but I am talking about being able to take a serious amount of money out of it each month and the account still keeps growing.


First Donation to Australian Red Cross

The good news is that this is also true for our trading for Charity initiative. It allowed us to spend $1,000 to the Australian red cross our of earning that we had. And the more we trade, the more we will get together. I am not telling you these things to impress you but rather to show you what is possible by doing what I do and in the same way.


No matter if you want to become rich yourself, support your friends and family or give money to great causes that you choose. Being able to multiply your money in the stock-market provides the means for it and elevates you to a level where you don't have to worry about money any more at all. Why? Because you know that you can tap into the markets and get it if you need it. And by doing so regularly you can get a taste of true abundance.



What would you do if you would be financially free?

Share your dream and we work on it together to make it a reality. Not just for you or me. For all the people and a better world. There is nothing more you can achieve than leaving this world a better place and making a difference to as many people as possible just because you were here. And you will feel great about it too.

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