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Trading the markets is a very simple thing to do

Simple, but not easy. How many times have you heard that already before? For the stock-market (as well as other money markets like Forex, commodities, CFD's, Options, Futures and so on) it is absolutely true.


There are tons of great and working strategies out there. As a matter of that that many, that it appears like a miracle that people actually can lose money with trading. On the other hand, we know that around 90% of the market participants are on the losing side and not all of the remaining 10% are big winners. Why is that?



Well, one of the key ingredients to trading and investment success is patience. Combined with discipline this divides the losing trader from the winning trader and the break-even trader from the big winners. 


When you are trading your strategy, it is absolutely essential that you are waiting for your perfect setup. And that takes time. Sometimes there are days where you don't have a signal or a setup at all. And these are the times where many people simply start to do "something" which means they trade bad or mediocre setups or they see things that never were there in the first place only to have some action going on.


Don't fuck it up!

While being highly successful in their given strategies, it is during these waiting times when people start to lose out and simply trade to do something rather than waiting to pocket in more money. This is where people f up as I call it (Rule number which I give to my students: Don't fuck it up!) 


So, rather than doing nothing which seems to be very hard for many people, they start to lose money and that is where they want to make up for these losses. Which mean they are tempted to even trade more instead of less. So, the losses pile up, sometimes until all the earned money is lost and in way too many cases even until the account is completely gone. We also see that kind of senseless action when people want to reach a certain amount of money. I've seen it time and time again: A trader is at 4,980€ for the day and wants to get to 5,000€ as a target and manages to end the day with a loss instead of the "missing" 20€.


This is why we sometimes do absolutely nothing in trading...

If I don't have any of my setups in a picture-perfect way, I simply pass and wait for the next great opportunity. That way my students and I are able to generate superior results far beyond anything people think is possible. We simply do nothing and wait. But when we see the opportunity, we don't hesitate to put on a trade immediately and act quick. We can do that because we are prepared. We know what to look for and what to do in case it happens. Also, how to limit our losses strictly when something goes wrong and how to let our winners run to earn a multiple of whatever we risked. That is the simple yet effective key to mind-blowing trading success. 


All it takes is a little bit of patience and discipline and the money will arrive easily and in abundance. Very simple, yet not easy for everyone. If you want to know more get in contact and we can show you exactly what to do step by step in one of our Mastermind classes.

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